Simplicity is modern, it really is.

The beauty industry, similar to the fashion industry, thrives on newness. With so many new brands exploding onto the scene in the last few years, consumers can find themselves overwhelmed with choice. However, there are some skincare pioneers who really stand out from the crowd….

I strongly believe in simplicity, in a "less is more" attitude towards lifestyle and towards skincare. For me, this is what the beauty industry in 2019 and coming years is all about.

1. Sustainability in Beauty Care

Beauty can be cruel, not only metaphorically speaking. Animal testing, microbeads, parabens - these things are toxic not only for the human race but also for the planet. Whilst some brands continue to ignore basic questions of environmental and human welfare, others drive positive change in these areas.

After years of the #stopmicrobeads campaign (microbeads are plastic particles that are polluting sea life and, consequently, our bodies) all beauty brands have finally banned microbeads in cosmetics and skincare. Now the debate has turned to ethical packaging, even ZERO packaging. This year, look out for the new #passonplastic campaign in the beauty and personal care industries. Some brands have already responded to the new emphasis by introducing shampoos and make-up in solid forms with no packaging required.

Another issue around sustainability in beauty at the moment is the use of water in skincare. Watch out for #waterlessbeauty. This campaign highlights the fact that demand for water in skincare products could soon outstrip supply. We look forward to seeing dry cleansers and dry sheet masks on the markets this year as a direct result!

2. Simplicity & Moderation

Over the last few years Korean beauty concepts have had more exposure, the ‘more is more’ process that is costly, takes a lot of time, and which can overload the skin with its myriad gels and creams and potions. Enter the new trend of "Skip-care". ‘’Skip-care” argues that it is not how many products one uses, but rather the quality of the products used, that counts.

In 2019 consider a more minimalist approach to your skincare regime; hard-working products with more potent ingredients. Think of results-driven products that do not clutter your bathroom, or your bin!

3. Microbiomes

Microbiomes are good bacteria that live inside our guts. They work hard to control our digestive systems and also to protect our immune systems form various diseases. A lack of microbiomes in the body has been linked to mental conditions such as depression and anxiety; take good bacteria out of the body, and health issues can arise. To retain microbiomes in the body we can up our intake of the probiotics found in fermented dairy products, grains and vegetables.

Our skin has microbiomes which are easily destroyed by pollution. When skin is over-exposed to pollution, microbiomes can be stripped out of the skin, compromising the skin’s barrier function. This leads to skin sensitivity. Skin sensitivity is a very common condition amongst those living in big cities.

Over the last few years, professional skincare brands have been working hard on formulating "probiotic" skincare products. Many leading salon brands such as Exuviance, Medik8, Esse to name a few, have released probiotic products. Look for lactobacillus, bifidabacterium and vitreoscilla in products. Particularly important if you are an urbanite!

4. Make – Up Trends

Natural make-up will be preferred over heavy contouring and strong eyebrows this year. Think effortless beauty with a touch of singular boldness. Hannah Martin, pro make-up artist, explains: “Washes of bold colour in foil textures on the eye could see a resurgence in 2019. Minimum effort, maximum impact.

This look is so simple to recreate for effortless glam, not the painstaking, laborious umpteen layers of shadow we’ve come so accustomed to seeing on Instagram.”

"Glass -skin" complexion with an almost wet look will score many Insta hearts this year. Get rid of heavy powders and matt complexion foundations (unless your skin is very oily). Instead, choose luminous make-up bases. Most importantly - NO CONTOURING and heavily pencilled eyebrows.

It is all about healthy, radiant skin and a splash of bold hue on the eyes, or the lips.

5. A Friendship Between Health and Beauty

I strongly believe in a holistic approach to beauty and health. I like to blur perceived boundaries between how we look (externally) and how we feel (internally). Happiness and joy really do radiate on the face and the body! And at the same time, I believe that certain skin problems come from within, and that consequently the 360º approach to beauty is necessary.

Giving your skin 360º attention, i.e thoroughly considering what you put inside your body as well as what you put onto your skin, will be your ultimate beauty goal in skincare and lifestyle. Good skins means healthy eating, an active lifestyle and a good professional skincare regimen. If you do not know where to start - visits to a professional skin therapist and nutritionist will help kick start your path to a healthier you.

May your body and mind connect and radiate the happiness to 360°!

Dana V.