October 6, 2019No Comments

Still Beauty

We are living in an environment where everything happens fast. We demand and are being demanded of quick results, quick answers and solution. Beauty is not an exception in this highly technological age. Many of us would do anything out there to achieve youthfulness. We use technology and scientific innovation to stop ageing while moving away from nature. Nature gives us solutions, but these require time and patience. Here are some simple steps towards more beautiful, natural you.

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July 2, 2019No Comments

Wellness Weekend in Stockholm

Stockholm is a city that lives and breathes wholesome living. Surrounded by water, forests, rocks and islands, it offers an abundance of wellness activities.
Explore the inner city with its upbeat pulse and myriads of wonderful lifestyle hotel choices aiming to promote healthy living.
Looking for a cheaper alternative to eating out? Try a mobile app that has revolutionised the idea of zero waste and is kind for the planet and budget.
Dive into the very swedish "Lagom" or the art of moderate living.

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April 29, 2019No Comments

Healthy Office Culture

With the new generation of millennials, employees have become more aware of the importance of work/life balance and won’t be sold into the workplace, where the employer does not offer any of the above.
Once, associated with physical health - like body weight, aerobics and other sports, wellness involves so much more today.

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March 16, 20192 Comments

Modern Beauty & Lifestyle Trends

The beauty industry, similar to the fashion industry, thrives on newness. With so many new brands exploding onto the scene in the last few years, consumers can find themselves overwhelmed with choice. However, there are some skincare pioneers who really stand out from the crowd…

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February 12, 2019No Comments

Be My Valentine

Valentine's Day emphasising the importance of love and life and it really doesn't need to be about couples, kisses and red flowers. Love starts from the self and self-love starts from self-care. So, how about celebrating your wonderful "You"?

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