Our celebrity yogi Christian Wigardt from YesYoga is offering a totally different approach to yoga classes. It's sweaty, innovative and  FUN!
Try a new addition to our services- FACE YOGA with Dana! We spend so much time training and toning our bodies, but forget that our face has 43 muscles and needs nurturing. Face Yoga not only maintaining healthy, youthful face, but a great way to relax those clenching jaws and busy minds. 
Our yoga classes are flexible, and we can adjust the session to your needs. 30 minutes or an hour? High-impact or restorative? Whatever your preference, we flex!
You will love it!
Believing that yoga should be accessible to everyone regardless, Offispa's yoga abolishes mysticism, styles, prayers and incenses. Instead, our classes are engaging, fun and highly addictive. 



  • Corporate Yoga Class (1 hour) - from 2000kr
  • Individual Group Class (1 hour) - from 250kr (minimum 7 people)
  • Face Yoga  Group (30min/1hr) - from 250kr (minimum 3 people)
  • Face Yoga One-to-One - from 450kr 
  • YesYoga DJ Event: cost vary depending on the set-up.
    We can provide DJ, sound equipment, smoke machines etc



We don't compete with price,
but we do with quality and testimonials on our excellent reputation.
Christian Wigardt by Izabella Englund


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