"At first I thought face yoga would be like face massage but after a couple of minutes, I realized its all about your own muscles and what you can make them do. Without the fun of it, looking weird in so many funny ways, my face and structure after the face yoga felt refreshed and appreciated. My face felt more lively and not as stiff anymore. I would highly recommend face yoga with Dana.  Dana's knowledge and personality make me feel reassured and safe."

Katarina, Business Consultant, Stockholm


"Dana recently ran an at-home DIY facial and massage virtual spa night for us and our community. The guidance, methods and flow of the event were incredibly well thought out. Dana expertly leads the group through facial cleansing, exfoliation, massage and face yoga techniques that truly put us all into a blissful state of zen. Mask application and guided shoulder and neck massage with a brief visualization and meditation exercise let us all end our night in a calm relaxed state, all without having to leave the comfort of home! We cannot wait to have Dana back to host future events with us! She is kind, professional, knowledgeable and so good at what she does!"

Stephanie, Community Founder, Stockholm


"Dana has been my skin therapist for two years and I couldn't be more pleased. She is incredibly experienced, careful and determined to make progress with her treatments. Since my first facial treatment, she has tailored treatments to cure my acne, which today is barely noticeable. Not only has Dana helped me with my skin complexion, but she is also very nice, caring and positive. Regularly going to Dana is the best decision I've made for my skin."

Tilde, Student, Stockholm


"Dana has been teaching weekly yoga classes to our employees. Her classes are suitable for all levels and with a therapeutic approach. She has an intuitive and caring style of teaching and tries to assist everyone as well as to offer an alternative. She likes to set different themes to each and every class and add a little extra (touch therapy, essential oils, music etc). As a person, Dana is very friendly and warm. My colleagues are very happy and I can highly recommend her."

Ebba, Office Manager, Stockholm


“My view of massage has changed completely since I started going to Dana. Before, I have felt that it has made a difference, but Dana is incredible at knowing what my body needs at every moment and then adapts. Previously, I had a habit of building up tension in the neck and back that Dana always identified and treated. During a busy period of fatigue syndrome, my body has been recovered with regular visits. After every treatment with her, I have new energy both in body and soul. Dana also often gives tips on exercises that I feel good at even at home and I always look forward to my visit several days before! ”

Emelie, Teacher, Stockholm


"The massage was world-class. The atmosphere and treatment Dana provided felt like at a 5-star hotel. The massage was super relaxing and felt just right. I will definitely become a regular!"

Michael, Financial Consultant, Stockholm


"Dana is one of the best absolute best therapists I have ever had. Whether it be facial or a massage, she executes it perfectly. Her treatments are luxurious and you always get more than you expect. Dana always goes the extra mile and makes me feel super pampered and special. She is my go-to person for everything beauty in Stockholm"

Rebecca, Entrepreneur, Stockholm


"I have had a wonderful privilege to experience Dana's treatments. She is truly natural in her talent and knowledge. Not only she shows how to care about the skin, but has a deeper understanding of skin's health. I have had Face Yoga sessions with her and felt like the technique reduces puffiness, assists reduction of muscle tension and make you feel relaxed.  Dana is so good at encouraging self-love. I look forward to learning more from this lovely lady"

Catherine, NHS worker, Cambridge

"We have worked with Dana for several years now. She is an amazing beauty therapist and masseur. She has worked on many of our press and customer events as well as giving our team massages in the office. She is always highly professional, on time and very importantly gives fantastic treatments with a warm and friendly manner. "

Clare, Founder & Managing Director, London


"I saw Dana over a period of five years for all my beauty treatments as well as all massages. She is a perfectionist in all that she does and I always knew I was completely safe in her hands. Dana goes the extra mile - she instinctively creates a warm, nurturing atmosphere and is a very calming, serene presence. I would always be able to truly relax during my treatments with Dana, and I always trusted her to make me look and feel my best. I frequently saw Dana before work events and she always made me look and feel young, fresh, and classy"  

Elizabeth, Casting Manager, London